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“An Arizona story of high end art collecting. I recommend it.”
– Barbara Peters, Poisoned Pen Books

“…a suspenseful mystery. The conclusion is a real treat.”
**** Romantic Times, October 2004

“After I started it I couldn’t put it down. Nosky presents a complex and strong protagonist in newly-widowed Susan Waring who returned to Phoenix to settle the affairs of her late husband and runs into her sexy ex-husband who has been trying to forget her for five years. The mystery is original and fresh, the love hot and steamy. What fun!”
**** review/

Chance Encounter

“…a look at behind-the-scenes drama in a political campaign, along with a scorching romance.”
– Good Life News, June 2006

“Sparks fly on every page.”
– Bookflash, 2006

Pima Road

Pima Road is excellent. A red hot love story, a whirlwind of emotions, fears, doubts and steamy passion.
*****Marie Wilson, New Book Reviews

“…passionate and believable. These are people you don’t want to say good bye to,”
*****Queenie Reviews, 2006

“This novel should be read twice. First for the thrill of the story, then again for the magic of its message.”
*****Vivian Zanini, The Glass Ball

“…not your typical romance. I hope to see more from Virginia Nosky.”
*****Heather Froeschl Reviews – Amazon

“A turbulent story about the realities of making a relationship work, or watching it die in the face of outside pressure.”
*****Midwest Review, 2006

Blue Turquoise, White Shell

“Mrs. Nosky, I just finished reading Blue Turquoise, White Shell. I am an avid reader and I would like to thank you for providing me with one of the best books I have ever read. I was touched by your understanding of the Navajo people and their culture and land. I will be looking forwardto your next book Ring of Fire. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful tale of love and life in Blue Turquoise, White Shell.”
***** Wayne Rice/Facebook

“Virginia Nosky has a flair for weaving Native American customs into her books, creating a vibrant setting I just want to dive into. Her treatment of the 1862 portions of the book are spectacular and pulse with life.”
***** Heather Froeschl Reviews, August, 2007 Amazon, Ezine Articles

“There’s a Navajo creation legend alluded to in the Prologue that identifies five levels of worlds. In many ways that is what this novel delivers. I found the juxtaposition of the two major strands, [one in 1852, the other in 1992] of the narrative heightens the drama of each. If you are a romantic at heart you will cheer on the female protagonists as they step and misstep in their lives. The author’s knowledge of Indian culture is thorough. We are in good hands. The last third of the book is a real page-turner. In the Navajo myth of Creation the daughter born to First Man and First Woman is named “Changing Woman. Great inspiration for the central female characters of this book. Gripping.”
***** By

The Fall From Paradise Valley

Ennui can lead those with nothing to fear
down a very dark path. THE FALL FROM PARADISE VALLEY
tells a story of women drifting from their lives after having
everything they could ever want given to them. From affairs
that can destroy families and careers, facing the realities of
their lives and breaking the facade of happiness, THE FALL
FROM PARADISE VALLEY is a riveting read of the charm of
lives gone awry.
***** Midwest Review

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