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The Books!

White River

A river of white Americans brave hardship and violence to try their fortunes in the 1860s West. One is Jane Woodard. When her family is slaughtered by renegade Indians, she is rescued by a group of young Navajos searching for their fathers on the war trail. The leader Kaab’t is taken with her yellow hair and blue eyes. Jane is mesmerized by this exotic Navajo who has saved her. As they traverse the wide plains, mountains and valleys, their differences fade. Lovers under skies filled with clouds or stars, the realization fills their hearts that Jane must leave. She slips away one night to Fort Defiance. The soldiers are amazed to see a yellow-haired woman emerge from the dawn mist wrapped in a Navajo blanket, riding an Indian pony. Jane’s life will settle, but she will have Kaab’t’s child. Will he ever know?

The Fall From Paradise Valley

Such beautiful people, such beautiful lives. But there’s a dark side to Paradise. Three prominent women friends live in this Eden—married to powerful men in a world of privilege: grand houses, lavish parties and charity balls, the latest clothes, jewels, sleek cars. Why do they make the unfortunate choices they do? Bored Christina drifts into an affair with the family lawyer that nearly ends her husband’s political career. Laise closes the door on a marriage she only thought existed. Miriam runs from a husband whose sadism nearly destroys her. Three complicated lives that play out in the end with murder and the terrifying heights of the Grand Canyon.

Ring of Fire

Giselle danced for the Paris Opera. Alex was an American bull fighter and Giselle told herself there was no such thing. But the glittering matador who strode into the ring in Nîmes was the same American whose car had cut her off on the autoroute to the south of France, looked her over with such assurance when she’d stopped to fill the Jaguar’s gas tank and had set the bullfighting world aflutter. All those events that had conspired to bring them together to fall in love couldn’t alter that she couldn’t face a future that carried the very real possibility of losing Alex to the vicious deadly bulls he faced every time he donned the jeweled suit of lights—swirled his yellow and magenta cape to mesmerize the beasts and electrify the corrida spectators of France and Spain.

Blue Turquoise, White Shell

When Bostonian Lily Cabot Chase’s grandfather promises to pay her expenses through Harvard Medical School in exchange for her spending a year at the Indian Hospital on the Navajo Reservation, she agrees. But when it’s time for her to go, she is reluctant to slow her momentum to become a surgeon in that rural hospital.

But she won’t renege on her promise. Her East Coast upbringing and education have hardly prepared her for the drastic change in her life among the Navajo.

She soon meets a young tribal lawyer, Nicholas Nakai, who is running for the newly drawn Arizona Congressional District. He is fascinated by the striking, tall redhead and as events bring them together, they find themselves falling in love.

Pima Road

Waspy Yale lawyer Sarah Livingstone, on a training run with her Shih Tzu, collides with Indian sculptor Jimmy Zah and his big Lab, Joe. The dogs have a furious dust-up. Jimmy grabs Yo Yo and sharp teeth sink into his hand. Annoyed when a hysterical Sarah accuses him of letting Joe run free on a public path, Jimmy retorts that it’s not public and she’s trespassing on his Pima Reservation. It’s an inauspicious beginning.

Chance Encounters

Chance Mallory is running for governorship of Arizona against the feisty mayor of Phoenix, Barbara Stafford. As the primary campaign heats up, the candidate’s exchanges become sharper. Athena Kerr, Stafford’s staff lawyer and niece is infuriated by what she considers Mallory’s unfair jabs at her aunt. After he wins the primary he approaches Athena to join his staff in the interest of party unity and finds her fascinating. She doesn’t trust him, but reluctantly agrees to work for his campaign.


On a flight from New York to Phoenix, attorney Will Severence has a chance meeting with his ex-wife Susan Waring, a fashion designer. Susan is returning to Phoenix to settle her late husband’s affairs. As she delves deeper, Susan becomes increasingly puzzled about correspondence relating to his large and valuable collection of Native American art.

Susan seeks Will’s advice. Will and Susan rekindle their love as they move from Hopi mesas to Paris to uncover corruption in worldwide traffic of tribal sacred art.

To A Certain Degree

Iolanthe McKenna has graced glossy magazine covers, walked the most prestigious couture runways, purred over expensive perfumes and swirled her mane of glorious hair in TV ads. But now she wants out, to use her off-the-charts intellect to get an advanced degree in theoretical physics. She hides her elegant angles in baggy sweaters, her sky blue eyes behind dark glasses and returns to university. Her last obstacle to her PhD is her famous doctoral thesis chairman, Byron Rossi, who harbors an impatience with women in physics.

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